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Women empowerment through promoting employment and entrepreneurship

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  • AtMar 12, 2019 14:51
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Women empowerment through promoting employment and entrepreneurship – Roundtable discussion Organized by BSE Sammaan and UNDP January 22, 2019 At Bombay Stock Exchange, Dalal Street, Mumbai

The first Disha Dialogues roundtable of 2019 on Women empowerment through promoting employment and entrepreneurship was organized by BSE Sammaan along with UNDP on January 22nd, 2019 in BSE, Mumbai. This roundtable discussion was hosted to explore partnership opportunities with the Private Sector and to learn from participants’ experiences. The roundtable was very well attended with across the board representation from BFSI, FMCG, Construction, Manufacturing, Services industries to name a few.
The flagship project of UNDP - Project Disha has an overall objective of providing 1 million women with marketable skills and livelihood opportunities, thereby enabling “Creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women in India”. The project through its focus on employability, job opportunities, enterprise creation and value chain linkages aim to impact women across the skill and qualification spectrum with livelihood opportunities and economic empowerment.
The industry connect exercises are organized to create effective partnership with the private sector, to promote inclusive approach with the private sector, and to map and align the supply and demand aspect of the skill development ecosystem.
The Roundtable – Discussion Brief
Mr Hemant Gupta, MD & CEO BSE Sammaan welcomed all attendees and defined the context for organizing the roundtable on Women empowerment through promoting employment and entrepreneurship and UNDP Disha Dialogue with Private sector. After a brief welcome address, the meeting commenced with presentation about BSE Sammaan where he spoke about evolution of BSE Sammaan and the initiatives undertaken by BSE Sammaan like the Project management Platform, CSR ecosystem development etc.
After a brief overview about the roundtable and BSE Sammaan, Mr Gupta invited Mr. Clement Chauvet, Chief – Skills and Business Development, UNDP India, to provide more details on the Disha program to the participants and the collaboration opportunities associated with it. Mr. Chauvet’s presentation was focussed around the 4 Disha models UNDP has deployed, namely,
  1. Career guidance and counselling centers
  2. Employment marketplaces / exchanges
  3. Fostering entrepreneurship through micro-enterprises
  4. Adding value for producers by building value chains
a. Career guidance and counselling centers
Career guidance and counselling program facilitates young women to make informed decision about available career options, to help them make informed choices regarding their future. The centers guide the candidate by way of imparting life skills in schools and training them for the job market. Also, Mr. Chauvet briefly spoke about their intervention in schools to increase retention with a specific focus on life skills.
b. Employment marketplaces / exchanges
Role of UNDP in promoting the exchange platform where private sector can select potential candidates for jobs and can also list internship opportunities. The objective of the platform is to fix the mismatch between needs and aspirations of young women and the requirements from potential employers through a collaborative platform.
UNDP’s coalition with NSDC to promote apprenticeship for girls and to increase employability by enabling skill set training while on the job. Beneficiary target is from 4,000 to 50,000. The network envisages working directly in collaboration with companies to employ candidates and promote demand aggregation of required skillsets for employment from different corporates.
c. Fostering entrepreneurship through micro-enterprises
The next phase of the discussion focused on UNDP’s intervention on fostering the entrepreneurship model through promoting networks of mentors to support women entrepreneurship. This model aims to build and train women to develop their business skills, impart financial literacy and promote self-sustenance of micro-enterprises through handholding and promotion of markets linkages.
d. Adding value for producers by building value chains
This pillar is dedicated to adding value for producers so as to maximize the value of the women producer situated at the end of the value chain, by way of encouraging and expanding their involvement. Various aspects of this model are aimed to bring in quality control and ability to sell products directly to consumers by leveraging technology. UNDP also talked about concept of Manager leading the end-to-end market linkages in order to upheld quality and quantity.
e. Creating Partnerships with the Private Sector
UNDP gave a brief summary regarding Companies working in partnership with them. In the partnership, UNDP provides the knowledge and expertise. And that they mostly get requests from Companies for providing UNDP’s knowledge and research as well as UNDP provides technical advisory to Company’s program. In case the Company wants to implement the program themselves, UNDP can do the mapping and design and detail the areas to collaborate. UNDP is working across the following segments of the value chain 1) Skilling, 2) Career guidance, 3) Supporting YES centers, 4) Networking with the Institutes
f. The Apprenticeship Program
Ms. Maneesha Mishra from Development Alternatives (DA) gave a brief about their program - promoting apprenticeship and livelihood amongst girls and women. The program has a goal to reach 50,000 girls and women in 12 months targeting Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana in the BFSI, Retail and Hospitality sector. She urged Companies to promote non-financial collaboration by bringing all HRs together to find out what are the challenges and requirements. The companies could also co-fund any of the verticals – training, skills, center support, career guidance etc. and help DA leverage existing skill centers of the Companies. Ms. Maneesha also mentioned that DA is currently working in metro cities only, and is promoting non migratory employment.

To conclude, it was interesting discussion on women entrepreneurship and employability through nationwide initiatives undertaken by UNDP. The corporates have shown keen interested in partnering on Number of Projects like employment exchange, Entrepreneurship development, market linkages and skilling training for women. The initiatives will also work on promoting self-sustainable ecosystem through active participation of private sector by providing CSR funding, linkages with employment exchanges and be an active partner in promoting market linkages for woman entrepreneurs.